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The first is a powder room tucked under the stairs in a 1940s house we remodeled with Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects. The cheap ones you find in most cabinet hardware catalogs don’t have enough muscle to throw a heavy door outward. You can see the vertical outline of another door to the left, which hides a mechanical closet for a wine conditioning HVAC unit. Risinger Homes is a custom builder and whole-house remodeling contractor in Austin, Texas, You can check out his video blog on YouTube here. The Secrets Behind Hidden Doors — Trim placement and special hardware make possible the tight tolerances that eliminate telltale gaps. Secret Passageway — Beautifully crafted bookshelves in this Seattle home glide open to reveal a hidden stairway.

St Louis Designs Industrial Touch Latch (Magnetic)
St Louis Designs Industrial Touch Latch (Magnetic)

Green bedroom ideas – from olive to sage green