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What makes all the difference is some careful planning and thought given to the design aspect of it. Without careful thinking through, many closets end up having too much hanging space, too little shelving, not enough drawer storage, or varying combinations of these issues. This is an important step in your design process – deciding on how big or small your closet needs to be. Don’t just sacrifice an entire wall to a closet, before you carefully consider what you’ll be storing inside it.

You can keep a small bedroom looking spacious, even with the closet in it, cutting down drastically on the costs involved. You don’t want to be on all fours, trying to look for your favorite pair of shorts, or bending down every time you want to put a handbag or scarf inside the closet.

Being able to see all your clothes and not just the top layer, saves you more time when you are getting dressed than you might realize. Drawers add quite a bit to the price of your modular closet and also waste precious space. If you already have a dresser in your bedroom, you don’t need drawers for your underwear and socks anyway. It’s a good idea to think of lighting options inside your closet.

Make sure you consult experts and choose the safest option. The market abounds with the newest storage devices and accessories, but not all of them are efficient in the long run.

The only decent storage hack that works for belts, ties, and scarves are the racks that slide in and out. Plan your hanging and shelf options in such a way that you can switch them based on your needs. In summers, for instance, you might need more hanging space to hang your shirts and blouses, but winters might need more shelf space for winter essentials. Use bins on the high shelves to keep things organized and easy to access, and roll-out boxes that sit close to the floor.

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