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It’s also a very livable choice for walls and ceilings, fading into the background like your usual tans, creams and slates, so it’s perfect for those who just want to dip their toes into color. Photographer: Michael Graydon Source: House & Home May 2014 Designer: Magela Bruno and Marcelo Palacios Light blue also has a crisp, super-clean appeal that makes it perfect for use in bathrooms, like this serene his-and-hers ensuite.

Photographer: Michael Graydon Source: House & Home April 2014 Designer: Stacey Smithers Another way to embrace blue in the bathroom is with a wall of pretty stone or ceramic tile.

Photographer: Alex Lukey Source: House & Home February 2016 Designer: Mazen El-Abdallah For his own bedroom, H&H alum and retailer Michael Penney chose a wallpaper that brings together soft blue with crisp white — a delicate backdrop for his botanical art and vintage treasures.

Photographer: Donna Griffith Source: House & Home June 2011 Designer: Michael Penney Laying out a rug or coverlet in soft blue is a lower-commitment way to play with the color. Photographer: Ashley Capp Source: House & Home March 2015 Designer: Sarah Hartill A pale blue ceiling creates a similar vibe in a bathroom, like this one belonging to editor-in-chief Beth Hitchcock, bringing in the brightness and airiness of the outdoors.

Photographer: Stacey Brandford Source: House & Home Kitchens & Baths 2012 Designer: Cameron MacNeil Sarah Richardson applied the treatment in this handsome living room, painting the ceiling a super soft blue that reflects the light spilling in from the wall of French doors. Photographer: Virginia Macdonald Source: House & Home August 2014 Designer: Robyn Young Soft blue bedroom walls also let brighter bedding and art steal the show — and are a less stark choice than gallery white.

The Best Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

gender neutral nursery for twins