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Right now, in the little girls’ bathroom, we’re repeating the Fading Twilight rust color that we have in the music room in the floors. You don’t have to pick a NEW color for every room, once you have a palette down, think of how to bring in those tones in other ways.

I’m sure our house palette will continue to evolve over the years, but I’ve been getting some questions about how I decide what color to go where and I generally think of where in the house feels stand-alone and how I can incorporate those tones in more ways–If not in paint, It might be in textiles or furnishings or art as well! I’ve been really enjoying injecting pockets of color into smaller areas of the house. You might not notice why it flows together, but when you think about color as a tool, it’s fun to repeat tones and play with mixing them up throughout the house. Our walls are still mostly bare, and I’m excited to use our palette to start introducing and repeating color stories throughout our home with more art.

Your home’s color palette absolutely extends to materials too–we love to incorporate warm leathers, black and brass accents and wood tones in every room. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, Trim: Lamp Room Gray by Farrow & Ball

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