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It’s difficult to fathom that there are people who impulse-buy beautiful ranch houses in lush Malibu canyons after a single walkthrough with a Realtor and then start from scratch with the furniture, buying everything from the kitchen towels to the drawer pulls in one swoop. “They wanted a place that felt authentic to them but they also had ultimate trust in our aesthetic and really gave us almost carte blanche creatively to do what we thought was best for them and the house,” she says of a pair of recent clients. Rustic accents like a rough-hewn wood door, paired with a rug and a blanket repurposed for upholstery, have a subtle Western flavor.

The clients, Blazek explains, were a young entertainment industry couple who also had a toddler, an infant, out-of-town jobs, and no time to waste.

What keeps it from feeling insta-furnished is a generous helping of secondhand furniture, rugs, and art, and a confidence with mixing styles that Blazek has mastered. The house, a quintessential California ranch set in the lush Malibu Canyon area, is situated on a private piece of land with a creek running behind it and an adjacent horse property, making it feel like it’s a million miles away from the hustle of Los Angeles living.

Its proximity to horse country, and Blazek’s and her clients’ shared affinity for the Southwest, created the perfect opportunity to indulge her taste for rustic ranch decor. Leather strap details on the Croft House sofa and a mix of pillows in warm neutrals keep the white and brown palette from looking too quiet. Blazek describes the project as a mini remodel, using plenty of paint—including a deep, glossy green for the window trim—and updating the kitchen and baths.

“There was a lot of wood trim in the house that was mismatched and overwhelming, so we carefully selected what to paint and what to leave original.” Reclaimed tile from Spain in earthy tones, and wood open shelving, set the scene for this small but super functional kitchen. I also used the backsplash tile as the jumping off point for the color story throughout the whole house so its impact definitely didn’t end in the kitchen.”

Due to the eclectic look of the house, Blazek didn’t necessarily want a lot of store bought pieces.

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