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While we all have ideas of grand Christmas trees in our living rooms, the reality of how much space we actually have can be a totally different. Even if you have a large space, consider walkway areas and obstruction of doorways before settling on a specific tree.

Place trees away from fireplaces, heavy trafficked walkway areas, and obstructions.

Stand back from the tree, once you’ve chosen a spot and examine from all vantage points.

If you need to, consider moving furniture into adjacent rooms to still provide seating without compromising entertaining space. If your plans call for a large gathering, considering housing the tree in a separate room than the bulk of the furniture.

This is the best time of year to bring out the holiday traditions, and one of them is decorating the Christmas tree. Don’t let your season be ruined because of poor planning when placing it inside your room.

Your holiday will be amazing, along with a beautiful tree with some advanced planning and decision making.

Enjoy this season, and fill your home with holiday memories, that don’t include you and your family bumping into the Christmas tree!

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