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Room Sources: Black Wall Sconce | Island Pendant Lights | Zline Range While designing the finishes of our new kitchen, we knew that we wanted to keep the overall look very clean and a mix of modern and traditional.

Next, I added vertical pieces of 1×4 to the sides to connect the top and bottom. I then added a horizontal piece to each side with the front ends cut at a 12-degree angle.

The vertical placement and length of these pieces will determine the amount of swoop on the front side of the hood. Since 1x pine doesn’t bend very well, I decided to use MDF for the front pieces that created the swoop.

I spaced seven pieces of 1×4 evenly across the front of the hood and nailed and glued them in place. Once I had completed the above steps, I felt like the framing was sturdy, but for good measure, I added a few more pieces to beef it up. As mentioned above, we chose the 46″x21″ hood insert from ZLINE which was very easy to install. I chose the same color as our walls: Sherwin Williams Pure White. I ordered 1 gallon of Marmorino Piatto and 1 quart of Anchor Primer. Before I applied the primer, I taped all of the edges around the hood and covered the range and countertops with plastic.

To be honest, the drywall guys did such a great job, I felt bad applying plaster on top of it. Using a smooth roller, I applied an even coat of the primer, which is very thick and grainy.

Tip: I recommend experimenting and practicing with the following technique on a scrap piece of drywall before applying it to your hood. Starting from the upper left corner of the side I was working on, I applied a thin coat by holding the knife at about a 15-degree angle. Then I increased the angle to about 30 degrees to spread the plaster with varying lengths of strokes. I reloaded my knife and repeated this until I had an even coat on all sides of the hood.

If you want your vent hood to be more rustic, you can leave bigger voids. Tip: Spend extra time on the corners to make sure they are nice and straight.

I wiped off the entire hood with a damp cloth to remove any dust. The final step is to apply a coat of bee’s wax to add a protective finish to the plaster after it has completely dried.

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