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It opens up the opportunity to use the space for activities such as a game room, entertaining area, or maybe even a home gym. But figuring out the right basement dehumidifier is important to ensure it gets the job done right and you don’t waste your money. Going for too small of a unit can lead to problems with the dehumidifier overworking itself to accommodate the space it’s in.

Some dehumidifiers work best when they’re hooked up to the ductwork in your home to target multiple areas, so it may pull excess energy to only use it in the basement.

When buying a unit, make sure the model you pick out can survive a freezing winter night. This may require adding salt to the dehumidifier’s bucket every time you need to dump it out.

Maybe your basement isn’t the only space in the home that constantly has high humidity levels. Some states such as Mississippi or Michigan have a high humidity level year-round and it can make the entire home uncomfortable.

Other than simply wanting to lower the humidity levels in the home, you should ask yourself why you’re buying a dehumidifier as well. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your relative humidity below 51% to see a noticeable decrease in allergen levels. Standard dehumidifiers that you buy at a superstore or home improvement retailer utilize a bucket that you need to drain every day that it’s on. Before you even go out and buy a dehumidifier, you should first make sure that you’re keeping Mother Nature out of the basement.

This means checking the windows and walls so that there isn’t constant new humidity coming into the home. A poor seal on a window or door can completely defeat the purpose of buying a dehumidifier.

Since you can head to several retailers to pick up a dehumidifier, if you’re sticking with just the basement, you can likely handle this task on your own. But if you’ve decided to tackle the humidity level of the entire house, you’ll want to bring in a pro.

open style living room and kitchen
open style living room and kitchen
A small portable dehumidifier in basement
A small portable dehumidifier in basement

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