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Preformed niches and benches make adding such custom touches to your bathroom easy. These preformed products are made of waterproof plastic or marine grade styrofoam and come in many different sizes. Tile Outlets carries niche products from Quickshelf, The Noble Company and Schluter.

We can easily special order different sizes and shapes if you don't find what you need. To give you an idea of how versatile these products are, check out the examples below from recent Parade of Homes and the Tile Outlets Inspiration Areas. Perhaps the ultimate look for a relaxing spa-like bathroom is clean, simple zen-like retreat in pure white subway tile as the example below showcases.

Notice how the inside of the niche simply continues the wall tile pattern. This next image similarly features beautiful glossy white wall tile in this large niche. You can imagine how accessories - such as a loofah or a bottle - can become important visual accents. The niche itself simply carries the pattern of the vertically placed rectangular tiles.

In the example below, the niche definitely continues the direction of the horizontal tile pattern and installation. However, we find that the similarity in palette between the brick-shaped mosaics and the larger wall tile and the neutral feel of it brings that Zen-like quality we started this section with.

The decorative elements though are regularly placed narrow vertical bands in a striking turquoise color. Notice how the decorative touches are along the side and top portions of the niche and echo the domed ceiling.

Note: this niche installation with the glass shelf isn't necessarily ideal for a working shower. The simplicity of the bench below is a nice counterpoint to the double iridescent mosaic bands. The custom touches you add need to perform a purpose, including hold your soap. Here's a close-up of that soap dish and the dreamy pebble wall border.

We hope we've inspired you to customize your shower with niches or benches or other touches. Be sure to explore what we have in-store at Tile Outlets of America to help make those touches become reality.

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