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Trees Sketch Whimsical Figure Study Small Vintage Gilt Mirror Window treatments help visually soften and dampen sounds in your living room. We love utilizing pinch pleat curtains (here’s my favorite amazon find!)

Design Tip: Hanging curtains correctly will make all the difference in the world!

We love layering a combination of artwork, books, and smaller decorative objects like candles or vases for shelves or bookcases. Design Tip: Group items in odd numbers like 3 or 5, our eyes find it most pleasing!

Take a look at every styled photo you’ve seen on Instagram or in a magazine, you’ll always find some form of greenery. As I mentioned earlier, don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes, colors, patterns, and textures.

Design Tip: If you have limited storage, consider buying good-quality pillow inserts to reuse and only swap out the covers.

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