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If you’re lucky enough to have the space at home, then having a separate area to keep your makeup and skincare essentials is a very smart idea. It will help you stay organized while you have a bit of fun getting ready with makeup, fragrance, and other beauty essentials. You can either build a vanity into an empty corner or area of the bathroom, or you can purchase a freestanding one and place it anywhere. Within those rooms, you may want to place your makeup vanity in front of a window that gets lots of natural light. Be sure to decide on where you’d like to place your vanity so you can measure the space and choose an appropriately sized piece of furniture. If it doesn’t offer much storage, then you may wish to purchase some organizational products for the top surface of the vanity.

A bathroom vanity is a combination cabinet and sink which serves as a station for hand-washing and toiletry storage. You can store cleaning supplies and toilet paper in the cabinets of a standard bathroom vanity. You can wash your hands and even do your makeup as most bathroom vanities have a mirror on the upper portion.

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