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I’ve been seeing more of these cute arches all over Pinterest and Instagram recently and it gave me an idea to create a quick refresh to my bedroom. I had planned to paint the whole wall behind my bed, but this was so much quicker and as I was changing up my IKEA SVALNÄS system anyway, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go big!

This colour has made such a huge impact on the room and going bold has really paid off. In fact it’s made me question why I’ve been so afraid of using stronger colours in the rest of my house! The technique to create these arches is easy and quick, but does require a steady hand. After drawing the design (I’ll show you that step below) I used an artist paint brush to paint in the curve then painters tape (not just regular masking tape) to section off the straight edges.

Make a rough mark on the wall where you’d like your arch to start and finish. Hold the string against the wall using the thumb tac at the 1 cm point.

TIP – Keep the pencil line light so you can easily rub it out if you need to. A really easy way to make sure these are straight is to hold the string with the pencil attached at the edge of the arch.

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