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But if your crisp, clean white tile grout has turned an icky shade of yellow, you might find yourself moving for all the wrong reasons. If you want to hold on to that inviting spa feeling in your family bathroom, then you need to know how to keep your grout looking great. We’ll teach you why your grout turns yellow and how you can stop it from happening.

More often than not, it’s your use of harsh, abrasive cleansers that turn your white grout yellow.

Rinse out your sponges, swap out your mop water often, and use a fresh rag every once in a while to prevent dirt buildup. Note: If the discoloration is brown or black rather than yellow or pink, that could signify that you have a mold or mildew problem, which can be hazardous to your health.

In that case, you’ll need to get a bit more aggressive, focusing on killing the organisms first before worrying about the color of your grout. Luckily, installing a water filtration system can help lower the iron levels and keep your grout looking sparkling clean. These are often small enough to fit on your shower head, and you can have a local handyperson install one if you’re feeling wary about your DIY abilities. Factors like cigarette smoke, hairspray, and airborne products can also play a role.

Something as simple as a quick rinse of your tile and grout after showering may help, but you can also take a look at any labels and consider switching out any specific products if you’d like. This step will help kill any mold or mildew that may be lurking and to remove any dirt or debris.

Carefully scrape the full surface of your grout lines with a safety razor. Once you’ve removed built-up soap scum, dirt, and other residue, go ahead and spray the wall with a non-abrasive, non-bleach degreaser.

Note: Be very careful when mixing cleaning solutions, as certain combinations, especially bleach and ammonia, can produce harmful fumes.

After you’ve saturated your wall with your degreasing solution, put on your trusty gloves, grab a sponge, and start scrubbing.

If you have pretty significant discoloration and cleaning hasn’t given you the results you want, then you might consider staining your grout.

A modern shower with white tiles
A modern shower with white tiles
Woman cleaning tile with blue cloth and yellow gloves
Woman cleaning tile with blue cloth and yellow gloves

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