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In fact, some cleverly placed lighting can be one of the most effective ways to visually lift a room with low ceilings. Here's our expert guide to making the most of yours…If you have low ceilings it's best to avoid large, low-hanging light fixtures.

Not only do they have the effect of bringing the ceiling down into the space and making the room look smaller, they're also at risk of getting in the way (especially for any beanpoles in the household!)

By using a variety of light sources, at different heights and levels, you can help to draw attention away from the ceiling and emphasise the wider space. Finally, some well-placed accent lighting will help to highlight the wider space by adding depth and atmosphere at different levels. Use a combination of lamps or recessed lighting in alcoves, under ceiling beams, inside shelves and under cabinets.

Stylish and versatile, they will provide plenty of practical light, while also building warmth and atmosphere - and without encroaching on the ceiling space. Wall lights should normally be positioned around 5-5.5 feet (or 1.5-1.7 metres) above floor level, although this can vary depending on the exact height of the ceiling.

As a general rule of thumb you should aim for the top of the wall light to sit slightly above eye level, to avoid glare from the bulb. Pooky's 'foliage' wall light fitting in brass with a marbled paper shade in green and blue roya With their striking upright form, floor lamps can really help to make the most of the vertical space in a room, adding the illusion of height - and they come in all sorts of A pair of striking designer table lamps placed on a desk or next to a sofa will help to draw the eye while making a real style statement.

While some pendant lights might be a definite no-no for a room with low ceilings, with a bit of careful planning there are still some good options available. Naturally, you want to avoid choosing pendants which take up a lot of ceiling space or have a large drop. Instead try a sleek pendant with a short or adjustable fitting, and opt for fixtures that will cast the light downwards and outwards.

Or for a real design statement, try featuring a single striking contemporary glass or crystal chandelier.

As well as your lighting scheme, there are some other key design choices that can help a room with low ceilings feel bigger, brighter and more open:Many designers recommend painting low ceilings white and using creams, beiges or pastels for the walls, as darker colours can have a foreshortening effect and make the space feel more enclosed. Choose low level furniture with clean lines, and use a similar light colour scheme to emphasise the space between the walls and the ceiling, lending the impression of extra height.Creating a focal point can help draw attention away from a low ceiling.

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