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Chances are you’re no stranger to my absolute love of paint. Honestly, it is just SUCH an amazing way to transform a space, without having to spend too much, or do something too drastic. Recently I was excited to hear that Porter’s Paints have created a collection for Bunnings. Having used them before I know they are just such great paint to work with, with unique and truly beautiful colours that you don’t find anywhere else.

Also, thanks to everyone who let me know they had seen this project featured on the front of this month’s Bunnings magazine! I suggest you grab a few tester pots first and paint them on a small section of wall in the middle of the bedhead to see what they will look like in situ (read more about choosing paints here).

From the Porter’s Paint range I tried out Timberline, French Green and Bay Leaf. Sidebar: Porters have the CUTEST tester pots and I want to buy them all just to have then on hand! I wanted a green that worked well with the other shades in the house, and one that would feel a little bit masculine amongst the lighter more feminine tones of the bedroom. In keeping with the theme of arches in our house, annnddd given that almost all of you guys preferred the arch in the space when I shared it on IG stories, I decided I wanted to do a rounded headboard.

Once you’ve chosen a colour, it’s time to start painting! Making sure to hold the pencil firmly, I drew the arc.

I did this by loading the paint brush up, and then carefully drawing along the arc. 5 Because we have the VJ cladding, I then cut in each of those joints so that the paint was well applied and there was no gaps.

I used a normal paintbrush to paint the rest of the first coat.

6 I let it dry for two hours, and then used a roller to apply the next coat, doing the edges again with the cutting in brush. But making tweaks to the house and doing little projects has been keeping me sane, so I hope you don’t mind me continuing to share them with you.

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