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Discover the latest trends in interior design and see how you can create a functional, yet elegant floor that will delight the eye, while at the same time serving its purpose for many years. Modern metropolitan designs often refer to the industrial style, that is why we see tiles that look like concrete on the floors and walls.

Porcelain tiles in various shades of grey will look especially well on a living room floor, as they will easily match the other home furnishings and decor. The Tassero and Batista are two of our collections that imitate raw concrete, offering fashionable urban elegance with an industrial touch.

A wooden floor is a dream that many people have, so eventually they may be faced with the decision of choosing an option best suited for them. Among the most popular are wood, floor panels, concrete and porcelain stoneware tiles – the latter being the most advantageous.

You should choose a floor that is wear resistant, and one that will combine well with the remainder of your décor or your future interior design vision.

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