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A black leather couch can be the perfect staple piece in a living room, or a sleek coal bed frame is ideal for the main bedroom. The best thing about using these two colors is that a variety of furniture, accessories and decor are typically made with black and white being the standard.

The beautiful thing about this duel color scheme is both black and white come in a variety of shades, applications and patterns that can all make a space feel different. Whether it’s wallpaper, linens, accessories or decor, patterns are an ideal way to bring some personality to a space that could end up feeling lackluster without it.

Animal prints like zebra or leopard are perfect for this color scheme if patterns inspired by nature are something you are drawn to. However, stripes, polka dots and even florals can come in these two colors and provide extra depth to the space of your choosing.

HGTV suggests adding carpets, throw pillows and plush seating options or blankets around the space to make it more aesthetically pleasing. They are looking forward to discussing your desires and ideas for a black and white statement space in your home!

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