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Turning celeb inspo from our mood boards into fruition can be a challenge when you don’t exactly have the same budget to work with, but it’s not an impossible task. Though Lily and David’s exact fringe is no longer available, this bed skirt on Amazon gives a similar decorative touch with its twisted tassels. Justina Blakeney’s Altadena abode is a maximalist dream come true, and as it belongs to the founder and designer behind Jungalow, it makes perfect sense. Justina and Jason’s bedroom is a bohemian paradise that rings true to her nature, tapping into traditional Mediterranean and midcentury-modern details with similar pieces that can also be found on her online storefront.

Her “Love Me Some Me” print, painted with watercolor, gouache, collage, and pen on paper, is seen on the walls above her desk, among other self-designed works. Complete the empty space in your bedroom with an easy-to-assemble coffee table—a perfect place to rest your favorite photo books and cool knickknacks on.

Like her Buckinghamshire home designed with the help of director Gaby Dellal, her primary bedroom is also an escape away from her hectic schedule as an onscreen starlet. The swirly Murano light mounts are a favorite in the actress’ bedroom, and luckily there are tons of these bad boys found on 1stDibs or Etsy. This wallpaper resembles Sienna’s Maison C version of “naked witchy ladies dancing” and it’s still up for grabs, coming in a bevy of colorways waiting for you.

The Australian YouTuber turned singer teamed up with locally owned Flack Studios to revamp the Victorian-era home, resulting in a blend of eccentricity inspired by various places from his travels, like Los Angeles and Japan. He keeps his personal sanctuary upstairs to a minimum with a snuggly bed and a fuzzy chair right next to it, as well as larger-than-life windows that open to his courtyard of fresh air and foliage. You can channel Troye’s deep red carpet with this wine-colored rug from Burke Decor, available in a slew of shapes and styles outside of the go-to standard.

Store all of your bedside necessities in elegant brass drawers lined with sleek black detailing and a glossy lacquered finish. It’s no wonder his Brazilian retreat, originally a coffee plantation on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, embodies the rock-and-roll nature of the legendary superstar.

His primary suite surpasses everything we’d expect the musician’s home to have, from gigantic Fender speakers and a luxe leather couch that surrounds his vintage bed by Vladimir Kagan.

Though Lenny’s Kagan bedframe can run upwards to a price that is, let’s say, out of the budget for most, this upholstered cloud-like alternative from CB2 is also just as cute and can be customized or DIY’ed to your liking.

Like Lenny’s surroundings in Brazil, this feather palm wallpaper adds a timelessly tropical touch to any part of your home. Keep a Fender speaker right next to your bed – these sleek quality minis come with long-lasting Bluetooth features that will keep the party going no matter the time of day.

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