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In this brand new 4 WAYS TO WEAR IT episode, I’m sharing 4 olive green jacket outfits that will give you some inspiration for your closet! So today for 4 Ways To Wear It, I want to share 4 olive green jacket outfits. Later this week I’ll be doing a huge roundup of olive green jackets, but in the meantime, here are a few really good ones. Every week in my 4 WAYS TO WEAR IT series, I want to show you the item on other body types and ages, so you can see it on more than just me.

Check out all these gorgeous women wearing olive green jacket outfits. This look would be great for a casual friday at work, or for a slightly more mature woman who wants to add some sophistication to her olive green jacket outfit.

I wore a white button down shirt with a layered cashmere sweater and the olive green jacket over the top. Olive green jackets are often a military or utility style, which feels a bit masculine. This dress is a swing shape, so I added a belt underneath to define my waist, and then paired it with slim black ankle boots.

The faux leather leggings are a fun addition for fall, and I love them paired with classic white sneakers and a graphic tee.

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