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Wall panelling is a clever way of introducing texture via geometric shapes to a room lacking character. Simply, you glue shapes such as squares or rectangles to your wall, prime and paint it and then step back and marvel at the transformation. The hardest part is deciding on a pattern that suits your living space and tastes.

Not a problem – there are some beautiful and unusual wall panel styles available that are just as easy to install. A striking geometric feature wall from the Zoe Olivia Blog If you’re looking to turn your dining room into a fresh and calming sanctuary – go for a lighter or muted shade.

If you want to switch up your bedroom with some panelling and create an alluring aesthetic, try a shade that’s bold and rich. We’ve explained the difference between MDF and Wood when it comes to cost and DIY skill. You can buy MDF panel kits which contain the strips you need to create your desired pattern.

Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and you’ll have your walls panelled in no time at all.

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