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As a professional interior remodeling contractor, we have completed our share of basement remodels, and we know not only the value a finished basement can bring but also the enjoyment it can bring to your home’s space. One of the best ways to brighten a space while also adding style to your basement is through your color selections.

Choosing lively and airy colors for your wall paint, flooring, cabinetry, and furniture will make the room feel bigger and brighter. Light wood planks, carpets, or tiles will work to brighten a home from the ground up. Installing the right lighting will make one of the greatest impacts in brightening your basement. Hopper window— a small window that attaches to the wall at the bottom and opens inward.

Installing any of these options where you can will provide a level of the warm, natural lighting that makes a space inviting.

Lighten Your Dark Basement
Lighten Your Dark Basement

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