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For decades, covering walls from floor to ceiling with wood paneling has been a popular decorating choice. Wall paneling from past decades typically came in three varieties: shipboard, tongue-and-groove, or barn siding.

Shipboard and barn siding may be more challenging to remove if the contractor used glue rather than nails to attach the paneling to the underlying wall surface.

Understanding how the existing paneling is in place can help you make more mindful decisions about how you’re going to remove it. Removing glued on paneling is harder and may require a heat gun, and it may cause damage to any underlying drywall or plaster. Keep in mind that it was common for contractors to nail paneling directly to bare wall studs in the past.

The good news in this situation is that homeowners get a chance to add insulation to the walls before installing drywall. Historically, paneling served as decoration, insulation, and protected walls from furniture damage.

Also, installing paneling horizontally or on ceilings will add dimension and grandeur to the room.

Wainscoting remains modern looking despite being a historically used paneling option, and it looks great everywhere, from bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms. It even looks great in foyers and hallways, especially if you want to create visual excitement in those places in your home. When you want to get rid of old, dark paneling on walls and transform your California home’s rooms to something that reflects your style, it’s time to give us a call at here The Moulding Company, or check out our free online catalog now!

How Will Replacing Wood Paneling Make My Room Look More Modernized?
How Will Replacing Wood Paneling Make My Room Look More Modernized?
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white paneled wall

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