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I just really enjoy changing up the whole look and vibe to the rooms in our home with the power of paint. Today I’ll be sharing a ton of pictures of our kitchen along with all of the details, so continue reading if you’re interested in seeing more. Now, I have to tell ya, I was totally planning on painting all of our kitchen cabinets in a denim blue color.

…….Red?.….Well truthfully, I’m sure it had something to do with the Red sectional couch that once was in our basement but now is up in our living room. When we brought the couch into our living room I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed having a touch of red in our home. So once the idea of painting our cabinets Red was planted into my head, there was no going back, I had to follow through with it.

I had the color mixed at True Value and I went with their Easy Care Cabinet Paint and it worked great! I chose not to edit my pictures today so that you can get a real honest look at this color. I love this wall color so much because it is subtle and doesn’t call any attention to itself, and it looks really pretty paired with a super white trim.

I originally painted our kitchen tile backsplash about 5 years ago. It really has held up great since, although there were a few spots that were showing some wear, especially behind the stove top, as you can see in this next picture, but by adding some new white paint it really freshened it right up. The rest of the room is still decorated with a lot of the blues that were in here before, like the curtain panel and the fabric on the stools.

If I come across a new fabric that I like that has some red in it, I may re-cover these stools again, or change out the curtain, but for now, I think the blues still look great in the room. I currently have this large model ship on the top shelf and I think it’s a fun added touch to our kitchen.

My boys always complain about all of my white in our home, so I’m happy that they approve of the red. We recently took a trip to the Oregon Coast and I found this cute Crab Shack metal sign in one of the gift shops.

In this area we have our coffee maker, cutting boards, and large utensils. I actually took these pictures of our kitchen at dinner time so as you can see I have some rice cooking, and something in the microwave.

Before this was our “Bar” and full of bottles, but we are living a healthier lifestyle these days and so having fruit out in the open is a great invitation for healthy eating. This is the area in our home where we keep our phones, keys, chargers, chrome books, ipads, mail, etc.

And I really just want to show you our home in a Real life- Lived in way.

Like I said, I find it so much fun to totally change the rooms in our home with just Paint.

And my blog post, One Kitchen 5 Different Ways is a fun one to see how much paint really can change the whole look and vibe of a space. And Please let me know what you think of today’s blog post in a comment below or come find me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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