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For small apartments with open plans, a divider wall can help define zones. The niche between the two areas is the perfect place for a retro speaker topped with a contemporary ipod mounting station.

Using the natural wood shelving and the black media wall to define zones can create the perfect colour palette for the rest of your home. Here, they have brought the black into the kitchen via a chalkboard wall and door and colours are introduced via the vibrant chalk choices.

Walls of cabinetry can also incorporate all your media needs by simply leaving a section bare of shelving, covering the wall with panels of wood and then fitting the niche with a low media console and a floating section that offers mounting space for the TV while hiding the wiring behind. To create a functional space that any chef would be happy to use takes careful planning and strategic placement.

A Chalkboard wall is always a fun way to jazz up a kitchen space and next to white cabinetry, the black finish also brings in a pop of contrast. When bedrooms are small it is a good idea to forgo the standard bedside table in favour of a desk or dresser.

If wall-to-wall cabinetry is not in the budget, a small space can still be wrapped in low shelving for additional storage and seating.


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