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In the stillness of the moment, my daughter’s words from the night before echoed in my heart. And then a corrective word from me brought down the cascade of running to her room, pouting and complaining. As I took in the soft glow of the lights, the random and keep-sake ornaments collected over the years, and the silly star my husband refuses to replace – I understood what my daughter was feeling.

The build up to the big day is so exciting with preparations and the anticipation of what’s to come. Perhaps there was disappointment that family couldn’t come or that it’s over now and tomorrow will be just another normal day. I told her that no matter how perfect a Christmas seemed to be- the end of it always left me a little sad too.

I admitted that I would get upset with myself for feeling this way because I knew in my heart the real reason and joy for Christmas was Jesus- God coming to earth to be with us. I told her over the years I had come to the realization that this sadness, this ache, is actually a good thing.

Because what we really long for is yet to come – Jesus’ return – when all is made right in the world and there will be no more sadness.

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