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Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom – the correct lighting can provide an opportunity to open up the space and make it appear larger and brighter. In fact, some strategic illumination is one of the most efficient methods for visually enhancing a room with limited ceiling height. While this may be daunting at first glance – by choosing wisely when selecting your lighting scheme you will have no trouble creating a larger appearing, brighter and more inviting atmosphere in no time flat! This might seem like common sense, but if you have a room with limited ceiling height it’s best to avoid large, low-hanging light fixtures, like chandeliers or pendants (of course there are some exceptions which we will discuss later in this post). Not only will they shorten the room even more, but they can be at risk of getting damaged if they’re in the way of any foot traffic or worse yet injuring your homes occupants and guests. The light bulb, housing and other electrical components are tucked away in the ceiling hidden from view.

A good general rule for placement of recessed lighting is to divide the height of the ceiling by two. Skylights allow natural sunlight into a room, helping to create an open and airy atmosphere while still keeping that valuable headroom intact.

Low-profile ceiling fans can provide all of the same cooling and aesthetic benefits you desire – without sacrificing headroom. By eliminating the need for an additional downrod, these flush mounted fixtures hug your ceiling to keep it looking sleek and stylish while providing excellent air circulation.

Flush-mount lighting is also great for rooms with a low roof as they sit up close and more firmly against the surface of the ceiling – allowing them to take up less visual and overhead space than other larger fixtures such as pendants or chandeliers. Lucky for you, I have already done the research and I have entire blog post dedicated to finding the best and most affordable flush mount lighting options.

The primary and most signifitant difference being the addition of a small down rod to extend the fixture away from the ceiling a bit. To get this fit in a space with a low roof you would not want to use a down rod with any significant size, I wouldn’t recommend any more than a few inches long. I followed the rules and placed a low hanging pendant lighting over my eat in kitchen table. These super low hanging lights are perfect for a bedroom or a nice reading nook in your living spaces. Wall sconces serve a variety of purposes in any space but particularly in a living room or kitchen with a lower ceiling. Fear not I recently did a DIY project on a home where I was a renter and it was impossible for me to make modifications.

We have all used lamps at one time or another and their versatility make them a great low ceiling lighting ideas. With a little research and creativity, you can find the perfect lighting solution for your space that is both stylish and functional.

Low ceiling lighting ideas graphic
Low ceiling lighting ideas graphic

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