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Hardwood flooring has proven to be a major selling feature in today’s homes, commanding better prices from discerning home-buyers. The only real mistake homeowners can make, is selecting furnishings which ignore the hardwood flooring altogether. Perfectly matching hardwood flooring and furnishings has become a relic of yesteryear’s interior design theories.

Layering tones and textures appears both stylish and contemporary, allowing you to put your own personal stamp on your living environment.

By the same token, blond Scandinavian furnishings can hold their own beautifully on dark cherry hardwood flooring. If your furnishings are black or even dark-stained walnut, you’ll want to add light colored tables or end pieces so the atmosphere doesn’t disappear into the depths.

By the same token, light or bleached hardwood flooring brings all manner of brightness into a room, adapting itself to a myriad of furniture choices.

Matching Hardwood Flooring and Furnishings
Matching Hardwood Flooring and Furnishings

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