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This holds true especially if you have some other statement piece in the room like a unique coffee table or a striking light fixture. We loved how some of the bloggers below used a textured rug to bring interest to their beige rooms. For those who want their living room to be a bit more masculine, dark grey couches are a reliable option. Brown couches invoke a sense of craftsmanship and richness, however, they are notoriously tricky to pair with a rug.

Lighter, neutral-colored rugs often work best for these warm couches so as not to compete with the statement furniture pieces. We particularly like leather couches paired with a subtle beige rug, especially if the room is more neutrally colored.

These bold furniture pieces tend to work best when paired with more subtle rugs that let them shine to their full potential. If your couch is darker in color, as in a green velvet couch, a lighter rug can help lighten up the room and make the seating piece stand out even more, similar to a backlit photoshoot subject.

If the couch is covered in a lighter shade of fabric, like a baby blue velvet or even a light cream suede, for instance, try to pick a rug similar in saturation. Of course, remember to match the rug’s tone and style to the couch and rest of the room.

As an alternative, you can also bring in moody, solid-print pieces, if you are going for an edgy, maximalist style. Hopefully, this article gave you some ideas of how to bring your living space together with a perfectly designed rug – even if your couch is making that a bit difficult.

For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram or head over to our catalog for plenty of rugs that might pair well with your couch.

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