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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Not only because Mario and Jenny are both hilarious in their own right and the kind of people you want to have regular happy hours with, but because their design styles were so wildly different that when we first met them, even I was perplexed at how we could meld their tastes into a cohesive vision…but you know what they say, the harder the challenge, the greater the reward! Mario is a first generation Italian American, who wanted to stay true to his roots and lean into a rich palette, with dark woods, lots of marble, and gold accents.

In our minds, (since lets be honest, we couldn’t put up lemon tiles as a kitchen backsplash and act like that would be an ok move for Jenny) at the heart of what Mario was conveying through our initial meetings - if we really distilled it all down - was that he wanted his home to feel established and regal.

Yellow and Grey Home Decor Inspiration