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Whites, grays, beiges and browns were prominent at this fall's High Point Home Furnishings Market. You lay down a base with a large piece of furniture and then you can build seasonal or trend colors around and on top of that.

They make it easy to experiment with color on smaller furnishings, lamps, wall art and other pieces that easily can be changed out.

Another offshoot of using neutrals was presented by a panel of designers moderated by Krissa Rossbund, style editor of Traditional Home. “We don't want to have guests say, 'Oh, I have that same bowl.” Investing in a good quality neutral base can leave you the freedom to really express yourself with your other furnishings. For example on chairs and couches, you can choose your legs, your arm style, your seat depth, the back height, the firmness of the cushions, trim and other features.

MARIE FELTZ owns Decorating Den Interiors of Meadville and is a regional manager for the company.

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