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Designers, decorators, Suzy Homemakers, and Feng-Shui enthusiasts all agree that the placement of the Christmas tree can greatly enhance one’s holiday décor. Because spruce is an overwhelmingly popular holiday item, certain recommendations have been established regarding the placement of this beloved decoration. :) Decorators agree that placing the tree in the living room or den allows everyone to enjoy its beauty. Make sure to leave enough room in front and behind your tree for gifts from family, friends, and of course, Santa Claus!

Placing your tree in front of a large glass door or beautiful bay window is ideal! Do you have the space to ensure that your tree is in a usable area, next to a window or door, easily accessible, AND removed from a heat or lighting source?

Unfortunately, apartments, condos, and small homes don’t offer all the luxuries you may need to help you create a Pottery Barn-Esque holiday space- there just is not enough room! Many Eastwood Homes include 9 Ft ceilings on the main level and boast dramatic two-story great rooms.

Large living areas and high ceilings help reduce the possibility of a tree fire as they offer ample room removed from the fireplace.

A new home can help simplify the decorating process and cut down on your stress during the exciting, yet busy holiday season!

Keep in mind, that you’re not simply choosing between one room vs another- you’re selecting the location where your family will spend most of their time and feel most comfortable. Here are a few examples of Eastwood Homes that may offer you and your family the perfect holiday set-up: The Davidson, The Cypress, The Caldwell, The Charleston, and The Raleigh!

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