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It’s such a great idea, particularly for renters who may not want to fully commit to a whole room full of painted walls. It’s a fun way to include lots of different colours and the ripped paper effect means you don’t even need to be too particular along those edges. I love this idea of layering shapes and then a shelf on top to tie it all together.

You don’t need to go big to add impact, a smaller shape in a bold colour will significantly change the look of a room with little effort. If you’re keeping it small, try having the shape along the corner line of the room and overlap with shelves or other wall decoration so that it looks purposeful rather than out of place. This is super cute and I love the way the plants fit the shapes.

The whole thing works together and the final effect is a modern, minimal mural. Another gorgeous arch and I think one of the most successful ways of using them is to make shelving and storage a real feature.

How to Light a Room

Honed Dark Bluestone 800 Grit