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I feel like people often want a subtle color for a room, but picking from paint swatches is hard and you have to go EXTREMELY muted or else once it’s up in full form on all four walls it ends up intense anyway. (I feel like this is many a new mother’s dilemma when they wanted a soft pink for their daughter’s room.

I did not want to paint this room twice, so I even rolled the whole test pot out on an entire wall.

It’s clearly “a color” and adds a lot of personality, but still has a subtleness that makes it almost like a neutral.

It started as farrow & ball’s “light blue,” but then I tweaked it a touch (because the color match computer cannot be trusted!! I also tried behr’s “krypton” (left) and sherwin williams “sea salt” (right).

And sometimes chunky white trim with a bright colored wall can feel early 2000’s to me. It makes the room feel larger without the choppiness of white doors.

And since shuttered bi-folds are not my favorite I feel like painting them the wall color minimized them significantly, and I really don’t mind them now.

Next up we are addressing the most important part of the bedroom situation by building a platform bed!

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