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Your bathroom is looking tired and dated and, quite frankly, a little dirty from years of dust and humidity. You start to dream about what a bathroom makeover would like… and painting leads to fixtures… a new mirror… new lighting… and cabinet hardware. Fifteen years ago, I thought chocolate brown walls were a good idea. At the time, I wanted a color that would complement the tile and a countertop that had swirls of beige and cream.

A color that blended with the stained cherry cabinet and warmed up the walls of this big-box-of-a-bathroom. It was not necessary to gut the room because the tile, cabinet, toilet, faucet, mirror, and towel racks are in good condition.

If I had a to pinpoint the main reason why this bathroom got so dirty and dingy, I would have to say it was because of the inadequate exhaust fan in this room. When we built our house twenty years ago, my very specific instructions to our electrician were to get us the strongest bathroom exhaust fan on the market.

What happens is the humidity builds up so much, the condensation drips down the walls, then cakes on and becomes like glue because it did not dry out quickly enough.

So the first step in this bathroom refresh project, was to fix the issue that caused the problem. My husband is very handy and was able to do this himself, but if your bathroom mirror has steam on it when you shower, it’s well-worth hiring a professional to install a new fan. The primer barely covered the problem areas so I knew the paint wouldn’t either.

There was only one thing left to do… skim coat the problem areas with joint compound. Once the joint compound dried (24 hours), I sanded the walls smooth and primed again. The cabinet is really nice and was the exact same finish as our kitchen cabinets (which I love); but our upstairs finishes are much cooler whites, blues and a dark, black-brown (not redish) dresser. It made the room feel very large and cold, so I knew I needed some color on the walls. You can see that the floor tile and the vanity counter are both beige with cream swirls running through them. So in order to balance the navy blue with the beige, ensure that the two colors didn’t completely clash, and paint the walls in a way that it didn’t look like a black box, I opted to paint one wall the same beige color as the floor tile and countertop.

The walls are Sherwinn Williams Naval and Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. Both the Edgecomb Gray and Cloud White also coordinate with the window valance I made from our master bedroom curtains. Read THIS post to see how I made the window valance from the curtains in our master bedroom.

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