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Dark brown carpeting can make a room look rich and luxurious. These are the best ways to decorate if you’ve found yourself in rooms with dark brown carpet. When you simply cannot stand the color of your brown carpeting or have found that it doesn’t coordinate well with your current decor, covering it can be a cost-effective option. Purchase a large, thin rug in beige or another neutral color. Choosing medium brown, orange, red, or earthy green are great ideas for primary colors in the room too. Avoid natural furniture that is a dark color or the exact shade of brown as the carpet.

The furniture will blend into the carpet and make the room appear too dark. When using natural furniture, it’s important to include other colors into the room, such as a shade of orange. Blue is a popular choice in interior decorating, and it pairs well with brown.

Navy blue shades are another great option for decorating a space with dark brown carpet.

Do not paint the walls in nautical blue, or select navy furniture. Instead, use dark shades of blue as accent colors throughout the room or in paintings.

If sheer curtains are not an option, consider window coverings that allow plenty of light to flow through. Pick up a paint chip deck of sample cards and tape them to your wall. Layering area rugs over a brown floor is a great idea! It helps to create a color palette that can be used with any decorating style, including modern. Brown and green is the perfect color combination for a nature inspired living room. Incorporate green shades by using plants and greenery as decor throughout the room.

You can also add more green shades into the room with rugs, furniture or candles. Darker shades of beige and tan will work well in this color palette. Blue of every shade will complement a nature color scheme nicely.

Then, browse our wide selection of beautiful rugs to find the perfect one to complement your dark brown carpet.

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