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Renovating a kitchen can be a really fun job if you know exactly what to do and how you want the end result to look. If one of these questions includes knowing if kitchen cabinets need to be lighter or dark than the walls, here’s a quick answer: There’s no rule that states cabinets need to be lighter or darker than walls or that they have to match it but depends more so on what kind of effect or mood you’re going for.

If you’d like to explore this topic in greater detail, I’ve put together a simple guide that will help you decide if a light or darker color will be better suited for your kitchen decor.

Here are the main tips you can use to decide if you should choose a color that is lighter or darker than the walls: The main aspect of lighter kitchen cabinets is that they easily make a room feel and look brighter.

They are trendy and modern which makes any decor look fashionable, clean, and open which most kitchen interiors aim to achieve. They can create this interesting mood and vibe that instantly gives off a captivating and dramatic statement. But if you have light-colored walls, using a darker color for the cabinets can create a nice, strong contrast that will make your kitchen interior look even better.

It may not be easy to decide immediately on the exact color or whether cabinets should be lighter or darker than walls, but you can look at a few other factors that will help you come to the right decision. If you take a closer look at the kitchen above, you’ll notice that this darker wood finish blends in perfectly with the white marble walls and countertop. With light walls, you may use any type and color of wood finish and this will create a beautiful result.

A shiny surface like gloss finish cabinets can really make most colors stand out. A color that is timeless and versatile, having white cabinets will match literally any decor.

It won’t matter if the walls are a darker shade or not, the color white will create that feeling of elegance and class, adding brightness to the space. This color tends to look nice in most kitchen decors and it’s generally the perfect shade that goes with light or dark walls. Although brown is more of a traditional cabinet color, you will find plenty of kitchen designs that still make use of it for a good reason. The great thing about brown is that you’ll find a variety of shades from light to dark that you can use to match the rest of your decor.

This can easily create a strong statement and add interest to your decor. If you would like your kitchen cabinets and walls to create an effortlessly beautiful look, it will depend on whether those certain shades or colors complement each other.

Matching cabinet and wall colors do offer a sense of unity and an overall cohesive design. In fact, there are so many decors that benefit from having white walls paired with a bold, contrasting color like a dark blue.

To sum things up, whether cabinets should be lighter or darker than walls really depends on the color scheme and intent in mind. Alternatively, you can keep things safe by sticking with a close-range of shades of a particular color that will still help you achieve your desired effect.

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