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For homeowners creating this utility space from scratch, the sky is the limit, but even if you’re updating an existing room, there are plenty of ways to add purposeful style and function. Puck lighting and LED strips illuminate select areas while dividers, sliding shelves and custom pull-out cabinets ensure your items are stored out of sight but within easy reach.

In a high-traffic space that sees a fair share of dirt and grime, color is an attractive way to cleverly disguise what lurks in between cleanings. For example, earthy green walls and tiling that complements the paint and cabinetry offer a subtle blend of colors that enhance the overarching contemporary feel.

For example, a raised large basin tile sink offers a spine-friendly alternative to bending over or squatting while washing a pet or potting plants. For a larger dog you can’t heft into a sink, you might consider a washing station with tiled steps, a frameless glass enclosure and low-mounted, hand-held showerhead.

With built-in wells for food and water dishes, this convenient unit appears with a gentle nudge then easily slides back under the cabinet to make the space clean and neat again.


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