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If you have installed Terracotta floor tile in your homes or commercial complexes, you might be wondering about it’s maintenance and cleaning. Here we will explain in-depth about the right way to clean and maintain this tile, but before that, you should know more about the characteristics of Terracotta. As these tiles are made from natural material, they need proper maintenance and care. Terracotta tile are porous and hence should be sealed properly to protect them from scratches, moisture and stains. A newly installed terracotta floor tile needs to remain untouched for 72 hours so that it can set well and ‘cure’. If your tile is old, you can start by vacuuming to remove dust, dirt and sand particles.

, you need to rinse it with water, retract the remnants and mop the floor dry. Terracotta tile flooring does not have any glaze on its surface and tends to get dirty quite often.

Wax-based sealants should be avoided as these are unable to penetrate into the pores of the tile and tend to remain on the top, looking bulky as a result.

After cleaning, we recommend you to seal your surface to ensure that the porous tile does not soak in more moisture and get stained.

You can use Celine – clear topical solvent-based floor tile grout sealer from pFOkUS, as it is the best terracotta floor tile sealant that is easy to apply and delivers a long-lasting sheen and protection to your surface. Begin by applying an even coat of Celine on the terracotta tile.

You can just wipe the surface with Imperia or Valore Maintenance and reveal a sparkling terracotta tile surface beneath.Apart from these Cleaning and Maintenance Tips, there are some other Frequently Asked Questions regarding Terracotta Floor Tile, solved below: Terracotta tiles are highly soundproof and are much recommended for high-noise areas. These are some important terracotta floor tile cleaning and maintenance tips that you should follow if you want to maintain the beauty of your surfaces for long.

Terracotta Floor Tile Cleaning - pFOkUS
Terracotta Floor Tile Cleaning - pFOkUS
Terracotta floor cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean
Terracotta floor cleaner - Imperia Deep Clean

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