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They prove that losing a substantial amount of weight—some up to 120 pounds!—takes strength, determination, and patience. But it's doable, especially if you have a little help from a weight loss app or a good friend. "I was guilty of trying new diets or falling into some short bursts of gym related motivation when I was hovering around the 250+ range and I never ended up sticking to any program or keeping any of the weight off when I did. The big difference this time was accepting the fact that I had I had to make a lifestyle change that will probably last the rest of (hopefully considerably longer) life.

I am fully comfortable with counting calories forever and I think anybody looking to lose weight needs to find a weight loss method that works for them as a permanent lifestyle change." As of November 2017, I will have tracked my food and activity for 10 years, never missing a day or meal.

It has allowed me to accurately gauge my calories (as well as other important factors like carb and fiber consumption) and keep me on track whenever I notice trends that mean I'll start to gain." "Drinking plenty of water was the biggest change that helped me shed the pounds. I ate less and had fewer cravings when I was constantly drinking water all day. If the hungry feeling still hasn't gone away, then I will munch on a high volume, low-calorie snack like baby carrots until I am full.

At that point, I don't sweat the details and I allow myself to eat as many baby carrots as I need. Blaming our job, hereditary factors, fast food culture, family members, stress, or events of the past doesn't help matters, it makes us victims.

That's a weak place to be if we want to change weight, which requires us to be strong, well-fueled and courageous." I found that having a cheat meal or enjoying a cold beer was something that I wasn't willing to give up altogether. If I have a granola bar, banana or apple in my purse, I'm much less likely to go to the drive-thru to grab something quickly. If I'm not willing to eat the healthy snack I have on hand, I know I'm not really hungry and I'm trying to satisfy something else.

It really helps me to be mindful and also say no to fast food on my way home from a stressful day." "My top tip for losing it would be to get rid of the complaints and self-depreciation.

"I really believe our body goes into survival mode when we're low on sleep and gets stubborn about releasing weight as a result. To get enough shut-eye and slim down in the process, check out our list of 17 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight in Your Sleep.

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