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I think it’s fair to say that most of us reading this blog are adults (or so says our birth certificates even if our minds “partially” disagree:)) So because of this likely fact, I think that wanting your home to feel like it’s an “adult space” especially when it comes to the master bedroom, is pretty relatable. That’s not to say that adding in whimsical and even child-like elements isn’t highly encouraged (we are the “let’s get weird” blog after all).

So since we are here to teach, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your adult space in order is by choosing the right bedroom paint color.

You may notice that the yellows, reds, and oranges of the color wheel are not in this post (even though we of course encourage and do not discriminate against them).

But the quiet hero of this space is that muted, calm green roman clay. The color helps to softly ground the space and because of its plaster-like finish it creates so much visual texture

Hot Tip Roman clay is not really paint but actually a plaster-like finish. So unless you have experience or like a good ole fashion DIY challenge, hiring a professional is encouraged.

For those you looking for a more “happy” and saturated green paint color, let me introduce you to this wonderful hue. design by sarah sherman samuel | photo by matthew williams | via domino

When I first saw this photo, I physically felt the need to immediately curl up with a book and a cup of tea while wearing softest pajamas ever and never leave this bed. design by thomas o’brien of aero studios | via architectural digest

Again I know this isn’t a “bedroom” but if cooler-toned paint colors aren’t your thing then consider this delightful, pale blush. It looks like the paint equivalent to a warm hug (but one that’s still neutral enough for everyday life).

This calm, warm bedroom went viral a few years ago because it’s basically a tonal lover’s minimalist’s dream. I also wanted to add it because it’s a similar but much more affordable option to the setting plaster color:) Everyone wins. You may recognize this bedroom from the Orcondo days and when I was looking back I couldn’t help but ogle over the soft grey (almost green) paint color. Iron Mountain is a slightly warmer (brown undertones) version of Railings.

This color is for the true blue lover (especially if you follow in Sarah Sherman Samuel’s footsteps and go the tonal route). design by white arrow interiors | photo by thomas richter | via clever And in case you wanted to know where we have used it here you go: The Reading Nook | The Final Big Kitchen Makeover Post | My Best Friend’s Los Feliz Home (the dining room)

This stunning room was designed by the incredibly talented William Hunter Collective and then styled and staged by us. I hope that if you were thinking of upgrading your bedroom and painting it into the relaxing oasis you deserve, that you are fully on board now.

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