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Hooping regularly can help to whittle your waist and strengthen your stomach muscles while blasting fat in these (often problematic) areas. (Studies that show that hooping burns visceral fat- the fat that is the hardest to get off the older you get, and also the most detrimental to heart health.)

Just by incorporating some of the moves from HoopnoticaDance DVD 1 you will be working your arms and thighs as well as your complete core. And the ACE reported, according to a study they conducted, that hooping burns approximately 7 calories per minute!

So hooping for just twenty minutes a day can count towards your moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity recommended for improving and maintaining your health. According to 3FatChicks, one of several online sources on the subject (and an awesome diet and health blog), "While performing hula hooping, you make very rhythmic rocking movements forward and backward, shifting your weight along the way.

At the risk of sounding sappy, aside from these amazing physical fitness benefits, most of us fall in love with hooping because of how it makes us feel: Happy. Besides the wonderful burst of endorphins you're likely to enjoy after a good bout of hooping, this activity can have other, more subtle positive effects on your psyche.

This much we know is true: whatever hooping brings to us personally or professionally, whatever benefits (and lessons) we take from it, whether they are quantifiable or not, we, as hoopers, keep coming back for more!

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