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The basement is a less risky place to try out exciting color combinations that might seem too bold for the main part of the house. In this finished basement by @your_design_partner , the teal walls ( Under the Stars by Magnolia Home) really pop, especially when paired with the paprika orange color in the rest of the decor. This basement space by @olive.oakdecor shows how this kind of gray can make a windowless room feel open and bright. If your basement functions as a kids’ playroom or spare bedroom, you’ll likely want to go with a warm, light color. Sanding after priming will help better protect your walls from moisture, too, which is important for preventing peeling, cracking and mold. Additionally, following with an oil-based or latex waterproof masonry paint will help prevent mold and fungus from growing.

However, if you have to mud, sand or do other prep work on the walls prior to painting, the process may take an additional five to seven days.

Basement Paint
Basement Paint

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