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You could follow the trends to create a fresh and clean modern look, or you could adopt a soft pastel french country look. Don’t lift a finger and book a Dolly , for half the cost, delivered to your door from any of your favorite stores.Nothing says farmhouse better than a little foliage. All jokes aside, incorporate timeless wall decor into your traditional style by hanging up some heirlooms or inspirational quotes in picture frames and matte them with burlap.

It’s a clean airy way to display your treasures of the past without looking cluttered or getting them dusty.Keep it traditional with a roman numeral clock to help remind you it’s dinner time. If you choose to accentuate it, tin pails mounted with some greenery or an inspirational sign are a classic way to go as well. Traditional farmhouse wall decor like this can also be collaged with maybe 4, 5 or six pieces, however, we recommend you keep it simple and steer clear of adding too much.

Don’t worry about all the heavy lifting, book a Dolly , we’ll deliver your items from your favorite retailer at a fraction of the cost.Embrace your elegant pastels and silver chinaware by showing them off outside the cupboard. You can easily make a white shelving unit like this out of framing material to display all your fine china and if you have room, layer coordinating pieces together to add more depth to your space.

Showcase your wall with a driftwood framed mirror, make it the centerpiece for your farmhouse decor by adding geometric balance.

Add some rustic farmhouse touches to your kitchen or dining room by repurposing an old frame into a grab and go mug display. If you’re a collector, this is made for you to put your eclectic style in one organized unit and display it in a tasteful farmhouse manner. To accent this vintage wall decor, simply pair it with rustic items such as an iron basket, mason jars or tin pails.You’ve probably seen this a lot in the last half a decade or so, especially if you’re a die-hard Joanna Gaines fan.

We’ve particularly noticed a trend with these vintage-looking white mirrors in the last year or so since they go with every farmhouse style.Compliment your kitchen set up with a layered look of old repurposed shutters added with greenery and a statement sign. Statement signs like these can be found at Home Goods as well as other complimenting tin pails and greenery.Lastly, a wall decor classic is the collage.

To stay authentic to the farmhouse design style try surrounding your family crossword with greenery, other inspirational quotes, mirrors, iron keys etc. True farmhouse decor isn’t all about the inspirational quote collages or distressed wood anything, it’s about the effort and thought put into each piece.

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