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Shaker-style cabinets can fit into any type of kitchen, whether it’s modern or traditional, and a shade like gray can bring anything from lightness to warmth to depth into space. The neutral color works just as well in sleek, modern homes as it does in rustic farmhouse spaces. Depending on your personal style, your gray shaker cabinets can work with different backsplash designs, countertops or appliances.

Nickel, chrome and stainless steel also provide that metallic detail that can pop against your cabinets.

Something eye-catching, like polished brass or copper, can be the perfect contrast for a light grey cabinet. A darker grey color on your cabinets can look sophisticated with black hardware — either a glossy or matte finish.

Chrome or stainless steel can also create a sleek, polished look, and particularly dark shades of grey, almost black, can look elegant with gold hardware. Some greys pull warm, with an almost beige or taupe quality to them, while others are cool-toned with a hint of blue or slate.

If you’re unsure whether your grey pulls more warm or cool, bring a paint sample to the store when you’re shopping for hardware. Knobs are the practical choice in hardware for your kitchen cabinets, since they make it for easy opening and closing. Some specific handles look particularly good in matte finishes in modern kitchens, or shiny chrome atop dark slate gray cabinets for a sleek Scandinavian style.

Grey Shaker Cabinet Hardware
Grey Shaker Cabinet Hardware

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