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Even though winter is my least favorite season, I love decorating for Christmas! I joined Wendy with WM Design House and 7 of our friends to bring you the Best Christmas Tree Ideas. Stacy, with Bricks n Blooms is giving us quite the list for Christmas Decorating.

I love all the rustic farmhouse elements and the out of the box “tree skirt”. I also placed a flocked tree in our room this year. If you love a themed Christmas Tree, like I do, then you must check out Jen’s post.

Jen with Tator Tots and Jello is giving us all the themed Christmas Tree ideas. Wendy with WM Design House is sharing all the best decorating ideas for your Christmas Tree, and she started in July!

I do love seeing Christmas decor in July….I’m definitely missing the July weather.

Amid all the color and glitter of Christmas, I love the simplicity of a neutral tree.

Jennifer with Cottage on Bunker Hill is showing us how to style and natural and neutral Christmas Tree. And that means finding ways to place trees in even the smallest spaces.

Kim with Shiplap and Shells is showing us all the amazing creative ideas for Christmas Trees in small spaces. I love her cute fully decorated small trees!

But I also love the simplicity of a plain tiny tree in ironstone.

I’m pretty sure my love of Christmas and multiple trees came from my mother.

Check out my post all about Christmas Tree Placement Ideas here.

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