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Business partners and married couple Everick and Lisa Brown have had a long time to hone their working relationship. Soon, they were not only romantically involved, but L.A.-based Lisa also began running the business side of Everick’s interior design company, which is located in New York. The two carried on a bicoastal relationship for over a decade, before Lisa finally moved out to Yorktown Heights, New York, and into the stunning Shingle-style home where they still live today.

For Lisa in particular, buying and decorating the house was a leap of faith: She was still based on the West Coast when they purchased it about 10 years ago, which meant Everick was in charge of creating an aesthetic that suited both of them. Everick and Lisa fell in love with the four-bedroom, four-bath Shingle-style home because of its quirky beauty and thoughtful construction. As the home’s bones were basically flawless, the renovations they undertook were essentially all aesthetic: The couple did no major construction work until they redesigned their bathroom earlier this year.

a shingle home
a shingle home

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