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It’s also one that’s been gaining in popularity in the last few years: they’ve been features added to high end condos all over the US and Canada – even in Ottawa. No paw prints on the carpet, no damage to the finish in your bathtub, and no need to carry a large dog from the door to the bathroom. It also makes it so much more likely that you’ll actually give the dog a regular bath, keeping the “doggy smell” at bay. Many often do double duty for muddy boots, hosing down sports equipment, and other messy jobs. As of 2014, about 34% of Canadians own a dog, so only consider adding one to your “forever home” – if you’re planning to sell soon give it a miss. Any dog washing station will need to have a source of water and a drain that connects to your main sewer line.

Having a hot water supply is also essential, so factor in some plumbing work into your budget. Get a simple wall-mounted shower sprayer, or indulge in a chef’s rinsing faucet.

Many stations for larger animals are right on the floor, but unless you own Marmaduke your back will thank you for making it waist height. Ensure that your dog won’t be scrambling to keep her feet with non-slip surfaces in the shower and surrounding it.

Installing a dog washing station will cost money, but it yields incredible benefits:

Dog washing station from Elle Decor.
Dog washing station from Elle Decor.

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