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If you’d like to add some personality and character to your space then here are some fantastic ways to make it happen with a statement floor: Busy walls can make a room feel cluttered, but with floors, the options are virtually unlimited when you choose tiles!

You can arrange tile flooring to create pieces of art at your feet, or even a virtual garden using mosaics that never fade. However, now there is so much more thought and creativity put in when choosing your statement floors if you want to add character to your space from the ground-up. Whether they’re rich, dark floorboards or stained in black in a herringbone pattern, your space will appreciate the facelift. Choose an eye-catching pattern or a bright brilliant color that pops and adds life and depth to your space!

Your use of statement carpeting will not only provide you and your guests some eye candy but also breathe new life into your home. Another safer choice in statement flooring is cork, a natural product that will capture the attention of anyone entering the room.

And the best part is, cork floors won’t absorb dust or and are also bacteria and fungus-free making it perfect for little ones to play on.

Statement floors can revamp any room in your home, not to mention be visually appealing to the eye.


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