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Style & Design Tried-and-True Wall and Floor Tile Combinations September 5, 2019 by Bridget Greenlee But, we have a few reliable formulas for wall and floor tile combinations that always seem to deliver beautiful results. In a warmer take on the style, a wood-look floor balances grey and white walls with tons of welcoming textures.

If you’re dreaming of a clean monochromatic color palette, try incorporating different finishes, sizes, shapes or materials on the walls and floors.

The coordinating porcelain floor tile is durable and transitions between the surfaces smoothly in the same soft grey color palette. We love how these floor and wall tiles are so different from one another in finish, shape, size and material yet coordinate flawlessly.

The space works because the color palette is soft and neutral and hints of organic materials add warmth and interest. Varying the shape of your wall and floor tiles is another way to add interest in a monochromatic design.

From the mix of porcelain and ceramic to the distinct shapes, there is so much to entice the eye in this cream laundry room! One of the easiest ways to ensure your design flows together is using the same collection or series on walls and floors.

One of the great things about The Tile Shop’s stone collections is the sheer number of different shape, size and trim options. Collections are also sourced from the same quarry, so, while no two pieces are ever the same due to natural variation, you never have to worry about different tiles coordinating.

Handmade Weekly elevates her fusion design beautifully here, with a marble-look ceramic tile and a unique statement marble mosaic. One sure way to demonstrate a cohesive look between floors and walls is to pick a neutral or color from one surface and use it on the other.

The unique ombre effect on this Annie Selke floor tile presents the opportunity to pull two different colors onto the wall design. A hint of color, like the beachy brown in the floor tile that’s also found in the chevron stripe on the wall and shower, goes a long way towards tying this room together. Here, pattern, wood look and a bold subway tile create the perfect modern farmhouse nook. The grey color is reflected in the patterned tile, and the wood-look floor acts as a neutral that balances the space.

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