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Millennial mom raising Gen Z -ers with the influence of Pinterest and TikTok. If your teenager has discovered millions of personalized short videos on TikTok, chances are they are itching for cool lighting effects for their vibey room. Far from the decorating style of yester-years, todays kids are all about color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. View the best aesthetic rooms – from bare walls to bright lights, these purples, blues and pinks.

Audrey Jane Art on Pinterest has a beautiful cloud window display. Toss in some contrasting throw pillows and viola – vibey living room space is complete!

Add your name, your mantra, a special date or an inspirational message neon light. Illuminate your space with an ethereal glow when you lean this arched Neon Lit Mirror from Urban Outfitters. Backlighting emitted from the upper curve tosses a glow on the back wall. Tapestries, collages, and pink, blue and purple will create the vibe of an Indie Room.

Easily turn your living space into a galaxy display with this Night Sky Projector for room. It’s low cost and incredibly affordable to create a space full of character and finish under $50.

Alternatively, grab a smart light bulb to change the glow of the color in your bedroom. This item truly feeds into the TikTok aesthetic and VSCO-esque mood everyone is living for at the moment. Stick and border these light strips around your walls, your headboard, and even your closet space, making your room radiate different colors in the dark.

Just add an aesthetic photo collage kit for cute wall décor.

An easy light that takes no work is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. No only do you get a really cool neon room aesthetic, Pink Himalayan salt is known for its therapeutic health and air purifying properties.

Rock lamps are said to emit a stream of negative ions which can purify the air against allergens and pollutants to relieve stress. Simply slide in letters to make your own LED light signs and messages.

| Urban Outfitters (No longer available, but find neon signs for room on Amazon. )

It’s colorful glow enables you to create a dramatic atmosphere in any space by hanging it or leaving it standing upright against a wall.

| Hay (Similar is this Color Changing Corner Lamp on Amazon.) Transform the entrance to a basement by adding a colored light strip on the stairs.

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